About Us



We are a family owned business who love to shop, meet new people, create new friends and explore Mexico! We started making flower arrangements and party favors with Mexican themes and selling at different flea markets. From there we expanded to importing different ceramic pieces, barro pieces, eventually adding clothes and jewelry. Along the way, we continued making some of our own items, selling at flea markets and graduating to festivals.

We had a dream to open our own store and 15 years after starting selling at festivals, we shared a store with another vendor. Two years later, Artemex continued to grow and now we are at our own store at 7581 Monterey Rd. in Gilroy. Truly a dream come true. 

We travel throughout Mexico trying to find different products and new styles. Our inventory constantly changes depending on what we find. We have built great friendships and met many amazing artists throughout our years doing what we love. 

Thanks for stopping by!